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What a political fight! The Curse of Cain Kid knocked out Mormon Mitt with a barrage of electoral punches he didn’t see coming. Internal pollsters assured Mitt that his destiny and duty to become president was imminent. From his perch in Mormon fantasyland, he believed he was about to fulfill the White Horse Prophecy referenced by his father, George Romney, and Mormon leaders dating back to its origins with Joseph Smith. Chapter one of this book asks the question from college days, “If not Mitt, then who?” But alas, as Thomas Jackson of Swedish National Television put it in a post election email, “The White Horse is still in the stable... it seems.”

I greeted the election results with mixed emotions, knowing my book would get more attention if Mitt were president. Still, I‘m pleased because keeping the Mormons out of the White House was a major motivator for writing it. And I played my small part to stop them from controlling the executive branch. After my friend, author Sally Denton quoted me in her op-ed piece for Salon.com in early 2012, I appeared on the Nevada political show, Face to Face, in February, 2012, was featured on Al Jazeera’s worldwide English network in April (Home page has link), and was part of two Christian Broadcasting Network segments in the summer. Swedish National Television came to Las Vegas to interview me for their KOBRA show that aired in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland in October. (See home page)

I was not successful getting national attention from the mainstream American media. Neither the Obama nor Romney campaign wanted to talk about religion and media outlets mostly agreed it was off limits. The Article 6 of the Constitution argument was cited, plus media were restrained by the tentacles of Mormon corporate power. For example, the wife of MSNBC’s Chris Matthews works for Mormon founded Marriott Corporation. Any commentary about quirky LDS beliefs drew an aggressive response from political/media specialists. Despite this, Al Jazeera’s Bob Abeshouse emailed that he believes documentation like mine helped suppress Mitt’s voter turnout.

A good man ran a false campaign to catapult a cult to power. Pandering to the political right wing, Mitt campaigned on multiple issue positions he didn’t believe and placed himself on the wrong side of history in a coalition that included racists, homophobes, misogynists, birthers, creationists, etc. It’s not a legacy worthy of him, so I still hope Mitt will rethink his religious views and help set our people free. That was my theme, however idealistic, when I spoke at the National Press Club in January, 2008, and was mocked as a “no name” by Washington Post political gossip columnist, Mary Ann Akers, who called herself “The Sleuth.” Without having read the book, Akers dismissed it as part of some campaign “dirty trick.” She took umbrage when I said easterners didn’t know much about the LDS Church, and then proposed the ridiculous idea that I might be working for Mike Huckabee’s campaign. Suffice it to say, The Sleuth, long gone from the Post, didn’t know she was clueless.

Like a cat in a litter box, the LDS Church remains busy covering up its true history and doctrines. Following their tradition of “Lying for the Lord,” Mormon officials lie to the media and new members about their original teachings on doctrines ranging from the eternal order of polygamy to men becoming Gods. Meanwhile, undaunted Mormon apologists, inside and outside the Church, continue claiming Mormonism isn’t a cult. Their main argument is that the LDS Church has become too big and successful to qualify. If an organization deceives enough people, survives long enough, and secretly accumulates significant financial assets, it’s magically not a cult anymore? That news would delight Joseph Smith, whose life was steeped in magic, the occult, and Gnosticism. A quick review of cult characteristics reveals that Mormonism meets nearly all generic cult criteria. Chapter 8 (The Great American Cult) exposes the clay foundations of Mormonism and evidences why the Catholic Church and most Protestant Ministers maintain its a Christian cult. Joseph Smith recreated the Trinity to give his Gods bodies of flesh and bones, introduced a phony new Bible called the Book of Mormon (Chapter 11), instituted complex new heavens, and sanctioned eternal polygamist marriages (Chapter 14). This convicted imposter even invented a “preexistence” where we all lived with our big brothers, Jesus and Lucifer, and taught that only Mormons can save the human race in modified temple rituals stolen from the Masons.

I was angry and “on fire” when I wrote this book. Withdrawing from a cult is similar to losing a loved one, and anger is one of the grieving stages. I accept the truth today and have found peace with what I finally forced myself to face head on during this cathartic, therapeutic endeavor. Mitt, Set our People Free! is an important read for those who want to know more about Mormon culture, history and doctrine. It’s a particularly sharp tool for thinking Mormons struggling to dig out from under decades of generational deception. The book unfortunately will not be read by devout Mormons successfully programmed to believe it’s a tool of the Devil trying to lead them astray from “the only true Church.”