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About Us

Revelation Press is one of the new generation of micro-publishers - the next step beyond "self-publishers" - that have been created to provide new voices a platform for presenting often controversial views, views too "hot" for more conventional mainstream book publishers.

Created in 2007 by former TV business news editor and reporter Michael D. Moody, Las Vegas-based Revelation Press is dedicated to presenting new and controversial information on religious and political topics that are too incendiary for other publishing houses. Principals and early contributors to Revelation Press include decorated war heroes, controversial "alternate voice" political candidates, religious dissenters and others who found themselves blocked out of the national discourse of ideas. Revelation Press prides itself on publishing challenging ideas - at Revelation Press, no idea is too controversial, as long as it is substantiated by a solid core of facts.

Revelation Press can be found at:
7065 W. Ann Rd. Ste. #130-543 -
Las Vegas, NV 89130