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Press Release-Jan 7, 2008

Revelation Press Publishes Blockbuster Expose:

Mitt – Set Our People Free!


A Former TV Business Editor/Reporter and Decorated War Hero “Swift Boats” Presidential Hopeful Mitt Romney – with Well-Documented Facts


Washington DC, January 7, 2008:  In 2004, John Kerry faced opposition from an unexpected quarter – his fellow Swift Boat veterans from Vietnam.  In 2008, it’s Mitt Romney’s turn to be “Swift-Boated” – but this time, instead of unsubstantiated innuendo, Romney is “Swift Boated” with a comprehensively-researched, solidly fact-based book – Mitt, Set Our People Free!   Like Toto in Oz, this book tears away the curtain and reveals the truth behind the Mormon Church and its beliefs about the U.S. Presidency – and what that will mean to “President” Mitt Romney.

This exciting new book – Mitt, Set Our People Free! – published by Revelation Press, reveals just how Mitt Romney’s sacred oath to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, known as the Mormons or the LDS – including a vow of obedience to the “Living Prophet,” the President of the LDS Church – will impact his ability to govern as President of the United States.

Jesus said that man cannot serve two masters – but if Romney is elected President, he will have to serve two conflicting oaths.  American Presidents swear an oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.  However, this Presidential Oath is in direct conflict with Romney’s sacred oath to his Mormon Church – a blood oath which puts Romney’s life, fortune and obedience at the unrestricted service of his Church. This obedience is defined by the Church’s Living Prophet, the President of the Mormon Church and – as they believe – the literal Voice of God on earth.

According to author Mike Moody, “One of the LDS Church’s basic tenets is a prophecy from founder and First Prophet Joseph Smith that in the latter days, the U.S. Constitution will ‘hang by a thread as fine as silk fiber’ until a Mormon leader rides in on his White Horse to save the U.S. and the Constitution – then use his control of the United States to set up a world-wide theocracy, one based on the clearly unorthodox beliefs of the Church of Latter Day Saints.”

Author Mike Moody, himself a 7th Generation Mormon from a family of Church-founding patriarchs – men who served Joseph Smith and Brigham Young as they created this remarkable “church” – uses his both insider knowledge of the LDS Church and his long-time personal ties to his one-time college fraternity brother, Mitt Romney, to point out the essential conflict between Romney’s sacred Oath to the Church and the oath he seeks to take as President. 

Moody also details – chapter and verse – the many compromises and less-than-candid and frequently inconsistent positions Romney has taken to bring himself from successful venture capitalist to one of the leading contenders for the Republican nomination for Presidency.

Mitt – Set Our People Free! includes a glossary of “insider” terms that define the Mormon experience, as well as ten full pages of insightful, fully-sourced end-notes.  Each bold assertion in Moody’s book is validated by credible third-party sources, many of them official – though essentially secret – LDS church documents.  This book, published by Revelation Press and available through Amazon.com, rips away the veil of secrecy to expose the Mormon Church and Mitt Romney for what they really are – and what they really could become if they take control of the American government.

Mitt – Set Our People Free! is a controversial book by a controversial author, written for those who support Romney – and those who fear him.  Author Mike Moody, a twice-decorated US Army war hero and ten-year veteran TV business news editor and reporter, is also a maverick Republican who, four years ago, was the Nevada Coordinator of Republicans for Kerry.

For more information about Revelation Press or Mitt, Set Our People Free!, or to schedule an interview with author Mike Moody, contact Daryl Toor:  770-777-9489 or dtoor@attentiongroup.com.